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10 Photos of Beautiful Old Southern Barns

Today, some exciting news. I’m changing the format of my blog to make it an all-pictures-all-the-time post. Since my Willow Hill novels take place in the South and in country settings, today I’m bringing you 10 Photos of Old Southern Barns taken by talented photographers.

I love old barns. Given the success of shows like Barnwood Builders and Barn Hunters, and the numbers of old barn pins on Pinterest, many share the same fondness and nostalgic pull for these pieces of American history. Barns are strong and quiet shelters that conjure thoughts of hard-working farm families, horses safe and dry, stealthy cats on mouser duty, the earthy smells of leather and manure, and dust motes drifting through honeyed rays of sunlight.

If you like the work of the photographers from 10 Photos of Beautiful Old Southern Barns, follow the links that I’ve provided in the photo captions and see more.

Want more photos of old Southern barns? Check out these two slide shows:

In upcoming blogs, I’ll bring you more delightful Southern scenes: photos of welcoming front porches, spring in Carolina, cheerful window boxes and black Lab mix dogs.

Let me know what you think of the new format, and enjoy!




Rt. 97 in NC by Jim Brickett is licensed under CC by 2.0


Black Barn by Gerry Dincher is licensed under CC by 2.0


Barn by Kolin Toney is licensed under CC by 2.0


Tobacco Barn by Mangrove Mike is licensed under CC by 2.0


Williams Farm Barn by Wendy is licensed under CC by 2.0


Red Barn by dhendrix73 is licensed under CC by 2.0


DSCN0056 by Jenn Deane in licensed under CC by 2.0